About TRI.ph ICT

System Integration

Continuing what it has started; TRI.ph has begun a new phase in its business involving collaboration of all the best IT products and services around the globe. Being one of the most reliable technology providers in the Philippines, TRI.ph has been entrusted by different ICT vendors with the power to integrate every single item that will help build, maintain and improve the network and system of many companies.

TRI.ph ICT specializes in eliminating different sectors’ complexity on handling deals with various providers. It is fully committed to provide:

  • IT Consultancy
  • Wireless Solutions
  • M2M Technology & Applications
  • Networking, e-Security
  • IP Telephony
  • Back-end Servers and Storage consolidation
  • Structured Cabling Design/Implementation
  • Preventive Maintenance Service
  • E-Security Solutions
  • IT Manage Services.
  • Diversified Networking Solutions
  • Next Generation Voice Packet Network
  • Security Camera

TRI.ph ICT will help you face IT challenges, so you can focus on what is more important — your core business.

The company guarantees you the following: Consultations with Certified Professional Engineer, Up-to-date Technologies, Provision of best of breed solutions designs, Vendor alliances and neutrality, Exceptional support and service delivery, and Efficient and effective maximum use of resources

With TRI.ph ICT, you will always be on-track with the latest and highly useful technology, because at TRI.ph, we keep an eye on your needs.