Manage Wan (Internet) provides Managed WAN (Internet) Service that can help small and mid-sized businesses take advantage of the latest communication technologies and achieve the same level of service as their larger competitors without being super burdened with the huge cost that comes with in-house staffing and duplicative hardware. With this, rest assured that you will get the best service possible because will be the one to manage everything from fluctuations in demand for voice and video up to the internet data traveling over the system.

Benefits and Advantage

If you avail of our Managed WAN (Internet) Service, it will be possible for your company to do the ff:

  1. Covers a large geographical area so long distance businesses can connect on the one network
  2. Shares software and resources with connecting workstations
  3. Messages can be sent very quickly to anyone else on the network. These messages can have pictures, sounds, or data included with them (called attachments).
  4. Expensive things (such as printers or phone lines to the internet) can be shared by all the computers on the network without having to buy a different peripheral for each computer.
  5. Everyone on the network can use the same data. This avoids problems where some users may have older information than others.
  6. Share information/files over a larger area
  7. Managed Voice Services at each branch while driving down inter-brand calling cost
  8. Focus on your core business -  because will have you network installed, monitored and managed 24×7 for you.