Hosted Mail / MX now offers E-mail Hosting Service to make your corporate email addresses match your domain name making it more professional and easier for your business partners and clients to remember. More importantly, with this service, it will be easier for your company to maintain back-ups of all the important business emails and you will have the option of both on and off site access through web mail options.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. Very Cost-Effective – The number one reason businesses decide to outsource their email services to a hosting company is because of the capital costs associated with an in-house solution. will take care of all your email solution needs; hardware, operating system, rack-space, and even onsite engineers to monitor the physical health of the hardware and administer customer accounts.  By choosing, small and medium businesses can achieve a reasonable ROI and not have to concern themselves with upgrades and other maintenance costs.
  1. Helps your in-house IT to focus on more important technical matter – The second reason for choosing a hosting service is due to the direction IT technology is headed.  IT departments can no longer survive as a ‘one-man show’; the field is far too specialized to allow for that.  IT departments now need an engineer who specializes in LAN (Local Area Network), another engineer who specializes in productivity software, possibly one for telephony and even a WAN (Wide Area Network) specialist.  With Hosted Mail/MX, a business can reduce its costs by eliminating the need for an Exchange or Lotus Notes specialist.
  1. Instant Cheap Disaster Recovery Solution – A hosted email solution is a cheap disaster recovery solution.  If your network goes down for whatever reason: loss of power, failing equipment, no internet connection; your emails are backed up at a site which is geographically separate from your headquarters.  So when the power and/or internet are restored you can rest assured that backed up all of your emails and the data contained within them.
  1. Uptime Guaranteed – never loses power or even internet connection because we have a redundant systems.  We got two separate and independent internet connections as well as emergency generators to provide electricity when it goes out.