Hosted Domain / DNS

Want to have a professional presence on the Web and be regarded as one of the reliable firms? Then it’s time to have your own domain name registered. A domain name plays a big part of your business identity over the Internet which customers and partners can recognize, remember, and positively associate with your service or products. Since many possible competitors are thinking of brand names or trade names same as yours, can help you register your own domain name fast in order to secure your naming rights now.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. Website address – When you buy your own domain, the name your website/blog will be like which looks sound and easy to remember for your site visitors or blog readers.
  1. Multiple E-mail addresses – When you have your own domain, you can create many e-mail addresses like,,, for different purposes and if required can point all incoming emails to these accounts to a central email account on your domain.
  1. Directory listings – it becomes really difficult to get listed on Top web directories if your website is hosted on some free web hosts. And if you have your own domain, chances of submitting and getting approval becomes easy to some extent.
  1. Brand Building – When you have your own domain shows your professional approach towards your business and thus will help in creating lots of value and trust among your website readers. People will not trust much on your services if it is hosted on free hosting sites like yahoo or gmail.
  1. Promoting your domain – When you have hosted your website on free hosting servers, you are going to promote a sub-domain. And the first benefit of that promotion will go to your web hosting company and you will be the last person who is going to benefit from that. But if you have you own domain, you are promoting your site only.
  1. Better search engine rankings – Having your own domain will help you achieve higher search engine rankings if it is well optimized.
  1. Better advertising options – there are many advertisers who will never love to advertise on a free hosted sub-domain. And with free hosted sub-domains, you will have limited access to everything. There are many free hosting companies that will not allow you to add any kind of advertisement to your sub-domain. But in case of your own domain, you will have access to everything.
  1. Website layout – You can use any style sheet, Java script or templates of your choice on your owned domain. Even you can create a template of your own and use that. So you will have more freedom with your website design and functionality. But in case of sub-domain, you cannot do anything in coding section and you will have to stay with the limited templates that are offered to you.