Virtual Private Server Hosting now offers VPS or Virtual Private Server to provide businesses a high quality yet affordable hosting solution without compromising performance, security, or flexibility.  This is ideal for companies who want complete control of their servers but do not need the power of a dedicated server, meaning you can enjoy all the features of dedicated servers but at much more affordable price. It ensures partitioning of web spaces on a physical server and creates an environment comparable with a dedicated root server. Thus provides you with full access via its Control Panel.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. Improved User Experience – a website hosted on a VPS stays online 24/7 because other websites can not affect its performance in any way. This leaves a very good impression on visitors and search engine crawlers.
  1. Freedom – VPS hosting also gives you a lot of freedom compared to shared hosting. You can install your own database and it is also possible for you to reboot the virtual machine without contacting the hosting company. Linux users get root access to the virtual server which means that any software required can be installed and the server configured as required. (Windows hosting customers will get full administrative access).
  1. Better Security - As opposed to shared hosting, VPS hosting offers foolproof security. Each virtual private server acts as a separate machine and it is almost impossible to crack the firewalls and antivirus applications. It also allows you to install custom software for extra layers of security. If your site holds precious data like credit card numbers then this hosting solution can save you from many disasters.
  1. No Competition for resources – Better website performance as loading times should be faster and consistent, due to having guaranteed system resources