Co Location

Looking for a real secured location for your server/s? You visit the right site because now offers Co-Location Service. It provides you all the necessary rack space to enable you to host your own server within a datacenter which will surely give you an efficient and secured environment to run your site/service/web application. By co-locating with, your servers will be directly connected to multiple backbone connections and your traffic will get to its destination quickly and efficiently because our fastest co-located servers are located at the best-recognized datacenter in the Philippines providing the ultimate quality and connectivity excellence supporting the latest co-located server technologies.

Benefits and Advantages

  1. Improving bandwidth cost effectiveness – There are specialized IT infrastructures which have fast, reliable bandwidth connections that help deliver the best for the cost. This results in an increase in speed, at an affordable rate, even more than a traditional in-house solution.
  1. Securing data from outages and breaches – Secured infrastructures protects data center power outages and unwanted intrusions. Since many centers have excellent backup generators and firewalls, data is kept secure. One of the most beneficial reasons to use colocation services is to be able to give a business the flexibility to move and centralize IT operations. If a business is looking to expand or centralize their operations, a collocated IT presence can give them ample flexibility to make the best business decisions.
  1. Very Cost Effective – The cost of hosting servers in-house requires an extensive up-front investment in data center technology, from backup generators to secured firewalls. provide these important features at a fraction of the coast and can help substantially lower bandwidth costs by relying upon their secured T1 lines instead of traditional cable connections. As a result, data will transfer more securely and faster than when using a traditional connection.
  1. Headache Free and Worry-Free – Data Centers has also a backup generator to maximize uptime and reduce the threat of unsecured data. Firms will surely find a series of advantages in terms of both hardware and software solutions when they co-locate with us.