Manage PBX now offers Managed PBX – a hosted PBX or managed VoIP service for small and medium enterprise (SME) that provides a cost effective way to utilize high quality business VoIP without the large initial investment needed to purchase own network equipment.   It enables the SME to keep operating expenses down, helping to fuel more money back into a growing business. With Managed PBX, you can assure that your business will get a fully managed system solution.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. Low total cost of ownership -The Hosted PBX systems give reduced ownership costs as there is no need to buy any expensive hardware or software. All the installation costs, purchasing costs and maintenance costs are drastically reduced as compared to the premise based PBX systems.
  1. Cheaper Calls – The call rates are much lower than the traditional phone systems. Since all the voice traffic is transferred over the IP, it greatly cuts down calling charges. You can talk as long as you want at flat prices. Calls between extensions are usually free.
  1. Desired area code - allows you to choose any area code for your number that is not your geographical area code. It is an ideal solution for business enterprises that have multiple branches in different locations.
  1. No Hassles - One of the best advantages of Hosted PBX systems is that it relieves businesses from the hassles of installing and maintaining the PBX equipments. There is no hardware or software requirement for Hosted PBX. All the data is hosted over a web interface. There is no need of expert staff to monitor and upgrade the PBX system. Thus Hosted IP PBX systems are truly hassle-free. This improves business productivity as the enterprises can focus on more important prospects.
  1. Standard features – With the traditional premise based PBX systems there were no digital features available. And if some features were available, they were charged heavy additional costs. But the Hosted PBX systems offer many calling features as standard or at little additional charges. Some of these standard calling features include call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, call conferencing, 3-way calling, find me/follow me, speed dial, caller id and many more.
  1. Advanced Calling Features - Along with the standard calling features some exceptional advanced calling features are also available with the Hosted PBX services that can greatly optimize your business relations through communication. Features like ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), integrated auto attendant, virtual receptionist, intelligent call routing, call queue management, voicemail transcription and more are a great way to impress your callers by projecting a Fortune 500 company image.
  1. Flexibility - The unmatched flexibility of Hosted PBX systems is highly valuable for growing enterprises. Any number of extensions can be added or removed without affecting the overall phone system. If your enterprise grows from 200 employees to 2000 employees the Hosted PBX systems have the potential to meet those growing needs.
  1. Security – use the latest firewalls and anti-virus software to ensure that customer data is safeguarded from eaves droppers, hackers and intruders. Moreover, encryption of data prior to transmission strengthens data security.
  1. Virtual Office – Maintaining a virtual business presence wherever you go, irrespective of time and location is now possible with Hosted PBX systems. No matter where you go, you take your phone services with you. Calls can be directed anywhere, be it an office number, home number, cell phone number or a landline number. It eliminates all the odds of a missed call. No missed call means there is no loss of a potential business opportunity.
  2. Real time Collaboration – Employees enjoy a real time collaborative platform that gives them seamless connectivity and smooth communication. Calls can be made and received anywhere reducing the constraints on workers. Employees can access functionalities from anywhere.