Manage Servers

Availing, monitoring and maintaining your own server will surely be costly and time consuming on your part that is why now offers Managed Server service to carry the load for you. We will take care of everything, setup, software installation, security monitoring, backups, and technical support needed to help you focus on your core business. With this service, you will not only save on rent expenses for the server physical location, upgrades, and security solutions like anti-virus and firewalls but also on the cost of hiring a staff for server management.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. Scalability – You can upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth as needed simply by letting your hosting provider know your needs. This allows you to use the host’s staff and resources, rather than hiring extra staff as would be required if you handled your own hosting.
  1. Equipment – With managed hosting, you are simply renting the host’s equipment. As new technology becomes available, your host upgrades and you continue renting. If you are handling your own server, you have to purchase the equipment yourself. And it will be too costly for you, so renting a server will be one of the most cost-effective actions that you can take.
  1. Support – will take care of all support functions for your server. This includes monitoring servers, repairing hardware failures or network problems, and backup power supplies for the servers. We can also provide bandwidth and connectivity to the internet, as well as server backup should your server fail. We can also offer the option of periodic data backup as an added precaution against data loss or corruption.
  1. Security – We will be the one to take care of installing necessary firewalls and server monitoring equipment to help protect against viruses, denial of service attacks, and unauthorized access.