Manage VPN

VPN is one of the must-have investments of large enterprises that have remote access and end-point security needs. It is designed to allow the remote employees, business partners, and customers to immediately access relevant business data application and information from the main office network in a secured manner. It uses a dedicated and secured Internet Protocal Security (IPSec) encrypted tunnels to route data over the internet (inter-site traffic does not travel across the public Internet). But since knows that it will be costly to companies to build out and manage own VPN, we are offering the Managed VPN service. We will be the ones to provide the VPN network infrastructure and handles the task from monitoring to maintenance.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. High quality – our multi-gigabit networks have no limits on the number of sites that can be connected.
  2. Fully Costed – our managed VPN will not surprise you with hidden charges because all moves, additions and future changes are included in the price.
  3. Secure – You don’t need to worry about security or privacy issues.
  4. Flexible – our service is set up so that you can link up as many sites as required, meaning you can connect branch employees, travelling sales staff and homeworkers.
  5. Closely monitored – our experts constantly monitor the performance of the managed VPN.
  6. Reliable – Our service is backed by a service level agreement
  7. Fully maintained – our team of professional engineers provide ongoing maintenance of the service so all you need to do is to concentrate on your core business.