Bonded Domestic Local Loop proudly introduces Neolink, a Bonded Link Solution that uses a fully redundant route to the global internet via the world’s largest networks. It combines two or more local loops of multi-type (wired or wireless) and multi-speed Internet connections and utilizes them as single link to gain a high-availability and increased bandwidth network connection. With this technology, enterprises can very well ensure continuous connection at any time, avoid lost time and resources thus leading to productivity and resulting in higher efficiency, sales, and profitability.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. Link bonding is the ability to combine 2 or more ISP connections of the same type and speed and utilize them as a single connection to gain the benefit of increased bandwidth for both internet downloads and uploads. For example: 2 x 2Mbps ISP connections would provide 4Mbps of bandwidth thus doubling the speed of any large file transfers.
  1. Bonded Domestic Local Loop solution is a more cost effective alternative to expensive private leased lines and yet is able to offer just as much high bandwidth. Our solution is particularly useful for business that frequently use applications such as VOIP and Video Conferencing that require high upload bandwidth
  1. Bonded Domestic Local Loop also offers connection resilience if an ISP link fails to ensure a continuous and reliable connection to the Internet. Our solution is also beneficial to an organizations current broadband service where SDSL is not enabled.