Digital subscriber line now offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), a technology that provides faster internet access and data transfer using an ordinary telephone copper wire lines. It allows client to use the phone and Internet on the same line, simultaneously. It fits to businesses that usually require a consistent, fast and cost effective way to optimize usage of the Internet. E-mail will arrive and be sent much quicker, and advanced business applications are possible, like web hosting and e-commerce. It offers high-speed Internet access with a price lower than other dedicated services that small and medium-sized businesses can surely afford.

Benefits and Advantage

  1. DSL simultaneously keeps your Internet connection and phone lines open. So whilst you are browsing, you can receive or make phone calls. In theory, this means that you will not incur any telephone charges for keeping your internet open if you are not making a call.
  1. You can have speeds higher than you can have with a regular modem. A regular modem may give you up to 56 kbps but a DSL can offer up to 1.5 Mbps.
  1. Downloads are faster than uploads which makes it ideal for situations where you need a high volume of incoming data at low volume of outbound data. Email users, news readers and researchers will find DSL as a viable option when it comes to internet connectivity.
  1. DSL uses the existing wiring infrastructure of your telephone lines. You do not need to get new cabling to hook up to the service. There is no need to acquire new infrastructure or upgrades.
  1. DSL is secure. Unlike cable modems, each subscriber is given a separate network so that vulnerabilities and intrusions are minimized.

DSL is always on. Unlike dial up, you do not have to connect ad reconnect over tim