Hosting solution provides every business an extensive range of e-commerce and business Hosting Solutions to meet the needs of every Webmaster’s business web hosting requirements. Our solutions assure you with an easy, secure, and reliable access to your applications and data from anywhere at anytime. values your every transaction, application and information using our high-availability servers that are always-on, always-connected, ultra-reliable, and that are surely kept in highly-secured data centers.


Looking for a real secured location for your server/s? You visit the right site because now offers Co-Location Service. It provides you all the necessary rack space to enable you to host your own server within a datacenter which will surely give you an efficient and secured environment to run your site/service/web application. By co-locating with, your servers will be directly connected to multiple backbone connections and your traffic will get to its destination quickly and efficiently because our fastest co-located servers are located at the best-recognized datacenter in the Philippines providing the ultimate quality and connectivity excellence supporting the latest co-located server technologies.

Dedicated Server is proud to present its dedicated server hosting that provides high-performance solutions ideal for e-commerce, online business, heavy-duty web applications, and web gaming solutions powered by the state-of-the-art dedicated hosting hardware. Our dedicated server solutions ensure that our customers get the best quality possible and we make use of extreme security measures to ensure the safety of data stored on the network of servers and hardwares. Plus it is monitored by our’s maintenance team consisting of highly experienced professionals.

Virtual Private Servers now offers VPS or Virtual Private Server to provide businesses a high quality yet affordable hosting solution without compromising performance, security, or flexibility.  This is ideal for companies who want complete control of their servers but do not need the power of a dedicated server, meaning you can enjoy all the features of dedicated servers but at much more affordable price. It ensures partitioning of web spaces on a physical server and creates an environment comparable with a dedicated root server. Thus provides you with full access via its Control Panel.

Shared Hosting

Looking for a way to lessen your web hosting costs, we can give you a very cost-effective solution to that. Introducing, Shared Hosting Service. This is highly-recommended for small and medium businesses with low traffic website and no high storage requirements. With this service, guarantees your website always up and running, enabling your clients to see your products and services anytime.

Hosted Domain / DNS

Want to have a professional presence on the Web and be regarded as one of the reliable firms? Then it’s time to have your own domain name registered. A domain name plays a big part of your business identity over the Internet which customers and partners can recognize, remember, and positively associate with your service or products. Since many possible competitors are thinking of brand names or trade names same as yours, can help you register your own domain name fast in order to secure your naming rights now.

Hosted Mail / MX now offers E-mail Hosting Service to make your corporate email addresses match your domain name making it more professional and easier for your business partners and clients to remember. More importantly, with this service, it will be easier for your company to maintain back-ups of all the important business emails and you will have the option of both on and off site access through web mail options.