Manage Services Managed Services simplify IT operations and reduce investment by delivering systems and applications as an externally administered service. We provide companies with predictable monthly costs, access to best of breed IT and the latest applications – all of these without the costly and pain-staking need to overhaul IT systems regularly. Our Managed Services help you focus on your core business and lead you to increased revenue growth and increased employee productivity; reduced risk; redeployment of company resources; optimized communications applications and network performance; and financial re-engineering of information technology costs to achieve predictability and flexibility of your investment.

Managed WAN (Internet) provides Managed WAN (Internet) Service that can help small and mid-sized businesses take advantage of the latest communication technologies and achieve the same level of service as their larger competitors without being super burdened with the huge cost that comes with in-house staffing and duplicative hardware. With this, rest assured that you will get the best service possible because will be the one to manage everything from fluctuations in demand for voice and video up to the internet data traveling over the system.

Managed VPN

VPN is one of the must-have investments of large enterprises that have remote access and end-point security needs. It is designed to allow the remote employees, business partners, and customers to immediately access relevant business data application and information from the main office network in a secured manner. It uses a dedicated and secured Internet Protocal Security (IPSec) encrypted tunnels to route data over the internet (inter-site traffic does not travel across the public Internet). But since knows that it will be costly to companies to build out and manage own VPN, we are offering the Managed VPN service. We will be the ones to provide the VPN network infrastructure and handles the task from monitoring to maintenance.

Managed Servers

Availing, monitoring and maintaining your own server will surely be costly and time consuming on your part that is why now offers Managed Server service to carry the load for you. We will take care of everything, setup, software installation, security monitoring, backups, and technical support needed to help you focus on your core business. With this service, you will not only save on rent expenses for the server physical location, upgrades, and security solutions like anti-virus and firewalls but also on the cost of hiring a staff for server management.

Managed Networks

The aspiration of every businessman towards growth requires more innovative or high-tech ways to stay competitive. Needless to say, the internet and all applications and software associated to it play a great role to this. But how will you know what exactly the things that fit your business? At we will help you understand and determine the right network and applications that you need. With our Managed Network Service, we will be in-charged of computing your infrastructure needs and assist you in developing the best and efficient network plan and infrastructure.

Managed Security Managed Security Solutions provides customers with the country’s most complete, single-source enterprise security solution. It offers professional management of network and information system security. With Managed Secuirty, customers can expect a rigorous process for incident detection and response, and best-of-breed technologies to provide information-driven organizations with immediate feedback regarding the efficacy of their network’s security – in real-time.  This also includes round-the-clock monitoring and management of your intrusion detection systems and firewalls, overseeing patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and security audits, and responding to emergencies.

Managed Helpdesk

Building your own support team to assist your clients will surely require another great capital outlays on your part. To help you resolve this issue, now offers Managed Help Desk service. With our easily-to-trained and highly-experienced technical support team rest assured that we could attend to all your clients immediately and effectively.

Managed PBX now offers Managed PBX – a hosted PBX or managed VoIP service for small and medium enterprise (SME) that provides a cost effective way to utilize high quality business VoIP without the large initial investment needed to purchase own network equipment.   It enables the SME to keep operating expenses down, helping to fuel more money back into a growing business. With Managed PBX, you can assure that your business will get a fully managed system solution.