Internet Services

Internet has a great contribution to innovation and growth of most businesses. It is proven beneficial in terms of research, news and information, communication, entertainment and advertisement. Because of its increasing demand, now offers a variety of internet services that suites every company needs.

Digital Subscriber Line now offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), a technology that provides faster internet access and data transfer using an ordinary telephone copper wire lines. It allows client to use the phone and Internet on the same line, simultaneously. It fits to businesses that usually require a consistent, fast and cost effective way to optimize usage of the Internet. E-mail will arrive and be sent much quicker, and advanced business applications are possible, like web hosting and e-commerce. It offers high-speed Internet access with a price lower than other dedicated services that small and medium-sized businesses can surely afford.

Bonded Domestic Local Loop proudly introduces Neolink, a Bonded Link Solution that uses a fully redundant route to the global internet via the world’s largest networks. It combines two or more local loops of multi-type (wired or wireless) and multi-speed Internet connections and utilizes them as single link to gain a high-availability and increased bandwidth network connection. With this technology, enterprises can very well ensure continuous connection at any time, avoid lost time and resources thus leading to productivity and resulting in higher efficiency, sales, and profitability.

Dedicated Leased Line

Being dedicated in giving you the best, can now provide you Dedicated Leased Line Service (DLS), suitably made for clients that require a permanent, highly reliable, and highly scalable Internet access facility. It is highly recommended for enterprises that want to operate an in-house IP and higher-layer network. It provides extremely high levels of reliability, availability, and performance and is well suited for high-bandwidth applications such as: corporate LAN or WAN connectivity, multimedia web hosting, FTP, CAD/CAM, streaming media and other mission-critical bandwidth hungry applications.

Dedicated IPLC presents International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) Service that is highly recommended for corporations with expanded business worldwide. IPLC is a high-speed solution for enterprises with large and diverse communication requirements. It is a uniquely private, point-to-point and dedicated interconnection between two locations, tailored-made to transfer all mission critical data. It can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, graphics and any other form of telecommunication, guaranteeing a ZERO-DELAY in data transfer with the highest security, reliability, and confidentiality.

IP-VPN also offers IP VPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network), a solution that allows a secure, reliable and a very cost effective way to connect remote offices, workers and partners to their corporate network. With IP-VPN separate networks and individuals are “virtually” present in one network. Through this, remote employees can have access to business critical applications and information absolutely no-worries, for inter-site traffic does not travel across the public Internet, and it uses a strong encryption to provide complete security, privacy, and strong authentication to guarantee identity for data in transit. And since it makes use of the Internet, it is cheaper, simpler and more flexible to avail and maintain than other connecting mediums like long distance telephony, and leased lines to mention a few.