About Us

Inter-Island Information Systems Inc. (Tri-Isys Internet), currently recognized as TRI.ph, is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in the country today.

Since it commenced in 1996, the company has dedicated itself to cater only the best and up-to-date technology to different companies from SMEs to Large Enterprises nationwide. It has engaged to provide premium access to the global Internet and advance information technology infrastructure services such as co-location, premium business email, web and application hosting, connectivity, application solutions, VoIP, business continuity, disaster recovery, managed services, and system integration.

Keeping an edge over its competition, the company has built its own Data Center to serve its vital needs. It has since partnered with the two leading telephone companies in the Philippines.  It has also a co-location facility with a leading provider where its server farm is maintained.

Aside from the excellent service that it provides, TRI.ph is also known for giving first-rate support to all its clients. It maintains a group of highly equipped customer service representatives that effectively address all clients’ inquiry and needed assistance.

Today, TRI.ph is proudly serving thousands of companies nationwide. It brings not only a simple technology to doorsteps of every industry but a solution that helps achieve excellence and assured business growth.

In innovation, you will always be on-track because TRI.ph will keep an eye on your needs.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • S ense of urgency
  • E xcellence
  • R espect
  • V ersatility
  • I ntegrity
  • C ourtesy
  • E sprit de corp (Teamwork)

Vision and Mission

To become the leading Total Solutions (Internet Service, Hosting Service, and System Integration) Provider in the Philippines, as measured by market leadership in its own field, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

To provide cost-efficient and strategic, highly reliable IT based solutions, products and services to business and various sectors.

To consistently maintain a state of maximum competitiveness and professionalism


The company maintains a team of highly qualified professionals and engineers who undergo advanced trainings and certifications to consistently course the company’s technical operations on track and to effectively give high-quality of support to its customers. Its Research and Development team ensures continuous analytical study on the fast changing technology requirements of various sectors to provide suitable solution that will be of great value to every business investment.


A scientific assessment approach is carried out on a one-on-one basis for each of its clients’ requirements. Prime directives are applied for each solution to ensure a clean-cut outline of every need, enabling them to be tackled right from the core.

All these are implemented by a selected group of skilled and specialized professionals to maintain industry standards, allowing complete customer satisfaction.


Communications technology and all its tools have significantly differentiated man from the rest of the species on the planet. From the dawning of civilization to the era of the great kingdoms up to today, different media of recording and communicating data have given mankind a front-seat ticket to witness the significant events in this world. Today, as history unfolds before our very eyes, another milestone in man’s never-ending quest has again taken shape through the Internet. The culmination of all communications and scientific researches shall emerge in this one infrastructure — the Information Superhighway. We believe in this prospect, and are very glad to be part of this development. Undeniably, this technology is here to stay. Comparable to the times when early man sparked the first amber, it will continue to evolve, and this evolution shall torch up our tracks into unchartered frontiers of the future — leaving a blazing trail of hope and knowledge for future generations.