Promotions introduces a new boulevard on its business that targets to boost the brand awareness of companies’ products and services in a very effective and stylish way – the TRI.PH PROMOTIONS! Promotions makes use of unique or non-traditional promotional mediums, which design is customizable according to the clients’ preference. These mediums are very ideal for corporate giveaways, as prize item, or as another identification material for employees.


1. Longer exposure (Material is durable and usable) – The customizable materials that we are using will surely give a longer exposure to your brand name or company logo. Because what we offer are items that are durable and usable, which people will find very ideal to wear every time.

2. Walking Advertisement – Since what we are offer are something wearable, the people who will wear it will be the primary medium for advertisement. So wherever this medium goes, product brand name is effectively advertised.

3. Very Trendy and Eye Catching – The customizable items that we are offer are very fashionable. And the lay-out of the design that we are going to make with your brand name of company logo will surely add to its style.

4. Unique – We are not using usual materials for customization. The advertising items that we use are unique. Though these items are usual commodities, it is never been used as a MATERIAL FOR ADVERTISEMENT.

And as our very first medium, we proudly offer the most sought-after watch in the country today – the UnisilverTime Watches. UnisilverTime is known not only for its fashionable designs but also for its quality, durability and affordability. Now, you can have this watch as one of your greatest and most effective promotional mediums. It is now customizable to the way you want it!